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Summer 2020 Online Arts Programs

This Summer, don’t lose out on providing your child with fun through acting, dancing, and singing. This may be a time of social distancing, but it shouldn’t be a time wherein your child is deprived of social interaction, connective creativity, and growth through the Arts. 


This new online workshop provides your child with all of those things that we can’t provide in person at this time. This program, while new for the summer, is not new to the NYCA Staff. We have been teaching our students dance, acting, music and creative playwriting online since social distancing was implemented and schools were closed in mid-March. Our methods of teaching and interaction with our students are already tried-and-true with exemplary results. Click here for an application.


Here's what current NYCA parents are saying:


 “During this difficult time of social isolation, my son has benefited immensely from continuing NYCA classes online. It gives him a sense of connection to friends and allows him to continue to participate in his newly found passion, acting.
  I have heard him say " I can't wait until Saturday or Monday so I can see my NYCA family". While he is in virtual class, I hear his laughter from the next room. I hear him working to improve his skills, I hear the staff doing their magic with the kids.  Afterwards, I see the joy on his face as my son tells me what silly things occurred during class. I hear him say he is proud of himself for the work he did in class and can't wait until next time.
  I am so grateful that NYCA continues to provide this sense of connection, joy, fun and pride via Zoom. I believe that this is keeping my son's spirit alive during such difficult times. Thank you!”

- Laura P.


“We have been so happy with NYCA during the quarantine.  They have been a fantastic bright spot in the day.  While our kids would love to be in the studio practicing and preparing for their end of year show, they have enjoyed the online classes.  NYCA has really been there for the kids with continued support and encouragement.” – Katie L.


"Since the start of the pandemic, NYCA has been a saving grace for our family. Without missing a step, instruction continued to offer a sense of normalcy for their students during a time when things are anything but normal.

The classes offer our daughter consistent exercise that she loves during what otherwise could be a very sedentary time.  Her classes keep her moving on a daily basis no matter the weather.

We are forever grateful that the NYCA instructors appreciate how trying the isolation has been for the students. Not only are the kids learning and practicing their art but they are staying connected to one another. The NYCA family has brought comfort, motivation and joy when we have needed it most."

- Chrissy C.


So, if you are looking for a fun summer workshop for your child who loves acting, singing, dancing or play writing, our programs will give you what you’re looking for to their summer.  Choose from our 3 Summer Workshops listed on this page, and join us for 1, 2, or all 4 weeks.  


Our workshops are filled with fun, wonderful new friends and personal growth, and, since this is a specialized interactive online program, we are limiting our space to only 8 children per session. Each workshop meets from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, Monday through Friday. All online summer programming is only $155 per week.


Take a look at our Summer Workshops, and when you've found the program that looks right for your child, print up the application and send it in, or contact us so that we can answer any questions you might have. You can even schedule a Free Online Consultation with Instructors by calling us at

845-339-4340 or emailing us at Click here for an application.


All you’ll need to have for your child take part in our online programing is:
-    A designated space for your child to move around freely
-    A designated laptop or IPad
-    Internet Service
-    An available printer for the printing of any workshop materials we may provide
-    Found items from your house to use as props and costuming

Fun with Acting, Singing and Dancing (Ages 7-9)

6/29-7/03 Fun with Acting, Singing and Dancing for ages 7 - 9


A one-week online workshop filled with fun in the Arts: acting, singing, dancing and costuming. Children will experience the Arts through the guidance of the New York Conservatory for the Arts award winning staff and rising talent, learning and growing side-by-side with summer-friends. This program provides an experience that makes the performing arts fun while inspiring personal growth as a young performing artist.

Musical Theatre Performance 

(Ages 10-12)

7/06-7/17 Musical Theatre Performance for ages 10 - 12


This online program guides aspiring youth performing artists to excel at their craft, expand their abilities, and celebrate their talents through dancing, singing, acting, costumes and makeup alongside theatre friends while being guided by our award winning staff, the directors and theatrical leaders of the Woodstock Playhouse and New York Conservatory for the Arts. This program provides youth the opportunity to work together on scenes from a musical complete with dialogue, song and dance. Your young artist will grow in talent, friendship, and passion as a tried-and-true member of a pivotal theatrical family in our region based at the New York Conservatory for the Arts and the Woodstock Playhouse.

7/20-7/24 Creative Playwriting

for ages 8-12

Your child will connect with friends and youth actors online this season as a member of a workshop with the reputation for inspiring personal and group creativity.  Multi-faceted Acting and Movement classes will open their creative channels in a one-week free flowing summer drama program that unleashes your child’s desire for creating and acting as they create their very own ORIGINAL MONOLOGUES AND SCENES.  Your child’s new creation will be creatively staged at home, costumed and performed all online. This workshop will make your child laugh, explore their freedom, and discover their very own bright creative energy; free to express their inner voice like a true artist and playwright in their private studio. Imagination and adventure are a must.


Creative Playwriting

(Ages 8-12)

Excellence in Education and Performance in the Arts of Theatre, Music & Dance

Providing a Community Service by Connecting, Empowering & Developing

Performing Artists & Community Youth through Musical Theatre Education & Performance

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