Summer 2021 Performing Arts Spotlight Programs*
*Please note that the program will be updated for the summer of 2022 later in the fall.

Do you have a rising star in the family who just has to spend a part of the summer exploring, growing and showing-off their talents in the Musical Theatre Arts of Acting, Dancing & Singing? The New York Conservatory for the Arts Summer Programs for youth in association with the Iconic Woodstock Playhouse’s inspirational programs will put the spotlight on their summer with the theatre experience they are looking for.  Choose from our Summer Workshop options presented on this page and have your star join us for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks; or for the whole summer.  

Always fun and filled with good friends and personal growth; we introduce youth performers to the joy, passion of, and commitment to the theatre-world led by our New York State and Ulster County award winning staff from Carnegie Mellon University, Hartt School of Music, LIU C.W. Post, Manhattan School of Music, Skidmore College and the Iconic Woodstock Playhouse steeped in Theatre, Music and Hudson Valley History. 


With comfortable air-conditioned studios and daily outdoor time for lunch & relaxation, each workshop meets from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mondays thru Fridays.

Find the program that looks right for your family’s rising star, print up the application and send it in, or contact us via phone at 845-339-4340 or email at so we can answer your questions personally.  A NYCA Summer is the ultimate time to explore the growth in and share the fun of acting, singing & dancing with friends to last your whole life-long.

Please note that all health safety protocol including the wearing of masks, social distancing, the installation of MERV13 filters, hand sanitizer and daily sanitation will be in place and all workshops will take place in person at  the New York Conservatory for the Arts, 120 Schildknecht Road, Hurley, New York 12443. The New York Conservatory for the Arts has been presenting classes since 1987 and successfully during the COVID era since September of 2020.

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Musical Theatre Camps  

(Ages 7-15)

6/28-7/02 Fun with Acting, Singing and Dancing for ages 7 - 15

A one-week workshop filled with fun in the Arts: dancing, acting and singing. Experience the NYCA Arts through the guidance of NYCA’s award winning staff and rising talent, learning and growing side-by-side with summer-friends. This program provides an atmosphere that makes the performing arts fun while inspiring personal growth as a young performing artist.


7/5-7/23 Musical Theatre Performance for ages 7 - 15

This program guides aspiring youth performing artists to excel at their craft, expand their abilities, and celebrate their talents through dancing, singing and acting alongside theatre friends while being guided by our award winning staff & theatrical personalities. This program provides youth the privilege to perform in the same manner as the professional Woodstock Playhouse Summer Stock Company members (many of whom go on to National Tours, Acclaimed Regional Theatre & Broadway.) Campers will grow in talent, friendship, and passion as a tried-and-true member of a pivotal theatrical family in our region.


6/28-7/23 Fun+Performing with Professionals for ages 7-15
Join the fun and opportunity of the ‘Fun in the Arts’ and the 'Performing with Professionals’ programs together to gain the most out of our NYCA Musical Theatre summer workshops this summer. 

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Woodstock Playhouse

Apprentice Program  

(Ages 16 - 18)

Woodstock Playhouse Apprenticeship June - August, Flexible Hours for ages 16 & up
Attend classes and rehearsals alongside the professional Woodstock Playhouse Summer Stock Company members (many of whom go on to National Tours, Acclaimed Regional Theatre & Broadway) as you learn the ins and outs of being a theatrical performer. Under the directorship of guest directors from NYC’s theatre world and acclaimed Woodstock Playhouse directors, your understanding of being a theatre performer will expand far beyond your wildest imagination. The Woodstock Playhouse Apprentice Program includes daily classes/warm-ups in Dance and Voice, technical work and rehearsals building toward performances at the Woodstock Playhouse.


Visit for your application and more details.

Drama Camp

(Ages 7-15)

7/26-8/6 Creating Theatre Magic for ages 7 - 15

Your rising actor/writer/director/producer will write, stage and perform their very own ORIGINAL PLAY guided by our staff with fellow life-long friends/actors on stage and in the studio; as a part of a workshop with the long-time reputation for inspiring creativity. Multi-Faceted Acting and Movement classes will inspire your rising star’s creative channels in a free flowing summer drama program. Your new play will be fully staged, costumed and performed for your audience of friends and family. This workshop will make you laugh and open and discover the brilliant creative energy of you; free to express your inner voice of a true artist and playwright in the studio; imagination and adventure, a must. Very focused, educational, goal oriented, professional with a low instructor/student ratio.  

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A bit more information about the program details and schedule...


Pricing for workshops is located on the application. Click here for Workshop Application and pricing.


The NYCA Workshops for ages 7-15 meet daily from 9:00 a.m. thru 4:00 p.m..


Cast Members (our workshop members) meet between 9:00 & 9:30 a.m., or slightly before if necessary due to parent work schedules, for a half hour of social and prep for the day. At 9:30 a.m. for the Musical Theatre Workshops, there is traditionally 2 hours of dance including jazz, ballet and tap.  For the Drama Workshops, there is traditionally a movement class for young actors for 1 hour followed by a second hour of 'connections' during which the young actor learns to listen and connect through understanding and response.


The middle period of the day, beginning at 11:30 a.m. is set aside for outdoor Lunch followed by outdoor relaxation, recreation or movie/entertainment related series.


Our last 2 hours of the day, 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. for the Musical Theatre Workshop Cast Members are dedicated to Acting & Singing, as well as rehearsals for their appearance with the Woodstock Playhouse professional cast.  For the Drama Workshop Cast Members, the afternoon hours are dedicated to the creation and rehearsal of their team authored play (for the 'Creating Theatre Magic' Workshop) or rehearsals of scenes (for the 'Fun with Acting'.) The interaction ensures that all cast members listen to each other, share ideas and learn to create a final performance together from inception to completion and celebration.


The final half hour is dedicated to relaxing and socializing with an afternoon snack and social recap of the day. 


The ages of those involved are spread nicely through the age range and the number of participants in the group can range anywhere from 12 to 24 for the Musical Theatre Workshop and a few to 12 for the Drama Workshop; ensuring individual attention and plenty of room for all to have their input heard and assimilated into the final play, or to assure attention by NYCA Staff and visiting New York City Director/Choreographers.


Musical Theatre Workshop Cast Members will appear on stage, health protocol permitting. The Drama Workshop Cast Members will present a fully staged performance of their team created play (for the 'Creating Theatre Magic' Workshop) or  scenes (for the 'Fun with Acting' workshop) on one of the final days of the workshop.


Please be in touch at any time should you have further need for clarification or assistance in the enrollment process. 

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